U Gotta Wanna




(You Gotta Wanna) –Before you can just do it...

Not only is UGOTTAWANNA Gina "Kelly"Gallagher's brand and motto, it’s how she lives her life.  This 5x cancer thriver powered by her 6th pacemaker and a bionic heart valve  has outlived the experts on her journey to wellness navigating both the conventional and integrative worlds of medicine  through cancer, heart issues, hemacromatosis and lymphedema.  She secretly thinks of herself as a SUPER HERO  which means she can overcome anything and credits her survival to many things...one of them is her slew of last names.  Being adopted, an actress, a patient, and married has given her numerous monikers and she is grateful for each one of them for like a cat, with nine lives, her 5 last names have given her The 45 Lives of Kelly G . You can expect this book soon.  At one point it was Kelly (Cecil –Poe-Russo -Schulman.  "The Universe literally gave me  CPR."

Kelly G is a woman who may have a confusing name but she knows her life is GALACTIC and on purpose.

She’s on a mission to make the world a healthier place...  

come hell or high drama.

Kelly G.

She was an early adopter when it came to eating organic, throwing out the toxins under the sink, and utilizing Bau Biology for a healthy immune system. Not everyone treats cancer by treating their house for geo-pathic stress, electromagnetic energy, dirty power, carpet with formaldehyde, and replacing metal spring filled mattresses with organic cotton metal free futons. But, then Gallagher always did go the distance. Growing up in Venice, Florida, Kelly was a Community Youth Leader and an AAU competitive distance swimmer, training anywhere from 2-4 hours a day, 5-6 days a week... for years. She credits her swim coach for her insane endurance drive and commitment. He told her when she was nine years old, “swimming wasn’t about swimming...” he said, “swimming is about life. Are you giving it 110%”? He also told her, “There is no I in TEAM”. She learned at a young age just how important those words from her coach were, and that those lessons would become her driving force to keep her going when she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma at the age of 19 requiring the UF Water Polo Player, NSSA Surfer, TriDelta Sister and Pike Little Sister to leave the University of Florida for radiation treatment in her 3rd year of engineering school. Not in the plan.

​It was during the bone marrow transplant in 1997, that Kelly made a promise to God, that if she were allowed to live, she would do whatever job she was called to do. By that time Kelly had worked in the world of Rock and Roll Production, and Network Promotion & Advertising at NBC-TV. She was married to a world-class drummer and toured the world on a backstage pass. She cherished every moment. Coffee enemas, carrot juice, and her constant uninsured battle with cancer through out the nineties had her writing film scripts and comedy TV from the comfort of her home. She eventually created her company called Ugottawanna Productions based on her own personal journey of navigating the worlds of alternative and conventional medicine. By searching for her truth, she helped others find theirs. That’s how her true life’s mission began. She set out to do a radio show for Sirius Broadcasting and tripped over an injustice she could not tolerate. She began shooting a documentary chronicling a twisted story of corruption, collusion and cover up while on the search for the truth about mercury, the toxic metal that has been implanted in all of our teeth, injected into our bodies with vaccinations, dumped into our water supplies and recycled into the sludge that is sold to the farmers to fertilize our food supplies.

Not only did she win that first battle with the big C, she went on to survive cancer 4 more times receiving 60 plus radiation treatments, 14 months of chemotherapy, an autologous stem cell transplant, 120 blood transfusions, 6-pacemaker surgeries, a heart valve replacement, two lung surgeries, eventually ending up with iron overload causing hemacromatosis and Lymphedema.

After spending months in the hospital going through a bone marrow transplant her doctors told her that the transplant didn’t work. They gave her a year to live. That was twenty years ago. Kelly refused the diagnosis and instead gave her recovery that 110% protocol her swim coach had instilled in her. It took 67 blood transfusions to get her blood started again but she didn’t quit or give up mentally. She got out of the hospital and changed her life, her diet, her environment, her attitude, and with a destiny far greater than herself, she not only survived cancer, she thrives, is transformed and lives an inspired adventurous life today.

She brings this winning attitude to all of her creative endeavors from product development and branding to filmmaking and paradigm shifting always continuing to manage her health through integrative medicine and an occasional phlebotomy at Cedars-Sinai Hospital.

A poet, an award-winning writer, producer, singer, actor, director, and visionary, Kelly excels in all that she does. Her list of accomplishments is legendary. Kelly has lectured around the world on health and wellness. She has appeared on TV, Radio, and in films. Kelly is also a cinematographer with a library of over 1000 hours of footage managed by Jammin Planet a business development company focused on transformation. As a co-producer on VAXXED, the groundbreaking, controversial feature documentary film that hit the big screen in 2016, her mission to make the world a healthier place may becoming closer to reality. This film has sparked a global dialogue.

Kelly continues to create, educate, and motivate those she meets everywhere she goes.


At Doctors Who Rock, we celebrate, award and support the past, present, and future thought leaders of medicine and wellness. Each year we put on a show called "Get Your Life Back Now" which features the Doctors Who Rock award winners. This show supports patients on their healing journey. 


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